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Dear partners!

OOO MTS “Agro-Alliance” has specialized on crop protection products for more than 10 years. The company has developed from a simple distributor to a registrant and a manufacturer of its own products. All registration procedures are made by a sub-company OOO “Shans” that is why all our product names contain the word “shans”. The product quality of OOO MTS “Agro-Alliance” is tested by a long-term usage at households in different regions of Russia, for this reason we guarantee its reliability and efficiency. Besides, all the агроном воронежproducts are tested at our household OOO “Looch” in Verkhnekhavsky district of Voronezh region. Only after all the examinations, we offer the products to our business partners.

There is a central warehouse and a fleet of various elevating capacity vehicles that deliver our goods on time and for free to any regions. Such logistics lets ship the products on a 24-hour basis despite weekends and holidays. Our products are manufactured at the best Chinese factories. We do not synthesize new active ingredients, producing generic products. It has its advantages since we produce the best products of the world market in crop protection, which are proved and in demand. Meanwhile we are searching for new and more effective mixtures of already known active ingredients. Making high quality products together with highly qualified staff allows us not only to hold a position at the market, but also to grow fast. Even during the crisis, we increase annual amount of sales by 20-30%. Among our partners, there are more than 1100 households. We have offices in 28 regions of Russia with the head office in Voronezh where more than 200 employees work. Except crop protection products, we provide households with seeds of sugar beet, corn, sunflower of native and foreign selection. Supplies of high quality seeds and crop protection products let us solve two main problems in agriculture: to achieve necessary crop density and to get rid of harmful objects. We can be responsible for this because we have highly qualified specialists who can come to a household at any time in order to help with cultivation of crops. That is why we are not only suppliers of crop protection products and seeds, but also devoted and reliable partners who can help to achieve desirable results.

The motto you can read on our banners “Success is where we are” is not just a motto, but it is an integral part of our business. We wish you profitable work, clean sowing, competitive harvests, high prices for your products and financial prosperity.

Team of OOO MTS “Agro-Alliance”

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